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Today I am sharing my feedback for the website which I had tried out for Bitcoin Mining. I am a satisfied customer of Poolhash and hence sharing my experiences with them.

What is Bitcoins (BTC)?

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is Digital Currency which is Universally accepted.
  • BTC are mined (produced) using the concept of mining.
  • More information for better understanding visit the websites – Wikipedia, Coindesk,
  • Understanding it simply::
    • English = Global Language
    • Dollar = Global Currency
    • Bitcoin = Global Digital Currency

What is Bitcoin Mining?

With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine.

Putting in a simpler words – Mining is making of bitcoins.

Understand Bitcoin Mining on::



What is

POOLHASH Technologies Limited were involved in FGPA and ASIC mining back in 2014 by doing it internally at their headquarters. Due to their expansion in 2016, they hosted their ASIC miners offshore at one of the rented datacenter in Reykjavik, Iceland managed by a group of cryptocurrency expert. By doing this expansion exercise, they now have the capability to open their Bitcoin / Ethereum mining service to others by leveraging their hosted mining utilizing a cloud technology.

As per now, their hosted mining rig ratio between their own equiment and rental were 1:8. Cooler climate condition in Iceland, enabling us to lower their electricity usage for equipment cooling. Datacenter that they rent here in Reykjavik powered by Geo-Thermal energy running at 24/7.

Right now most of their mining rig consist of BitMain AntMiner S9 and S7 running concurrently with HashCoins Uranus Miner. They also have some old KnCMiner and AntMiner S5 mining at a lower pace. To operate mining, they are using several pool concurrently including, F2Pool, BTCC, Slush and Eligius. Starting July 2016, they managed to mining Ethereum via ETHASH with our custom rigs using ethOS.

Product offerring from Poolhash

Additional Info…

To try things out, I bought a 12 Week contract for 1 BTC and getting weekly payouts of approx 0.1078 B  every week since I have put in.

I would like to particularly highlight their Support. Till date they have responded to my every query/concern/ticket in a very timely and warm manner which I feel is a very good thing in this field.

Poolhash also offers option of earning through an Affiliate as below:

Concluding Thought

My experience with Poolhash has been very good, particularly because I got a very good and warm support from their Team.

NOTE: Please take your best judgment call before proceeding with Investments.

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