Guru Movie Motivational Video – Never afraid of Consequences


Rules are created for the man, Man is not created for the Rules.

Entreprenuership is all about making the best of the available opportunity with the available Skills and Resources.

Skills and Resources may be there in abundant but untill somebody makes best use of it, they are of no use by itself.

Its all about creating a Win-Win situation for all. Its not rebelling against the system, but when the existing system is not capable of giving growth opportunities then it is bound to get challenged. Its time for systems to evolve to get ready for the new era.

There will be times as such where Champions will Rise up and question the systems which stops us from achieving our Dreams. The journey of Champions are also forged with Resistance and Sacrifices but their Will to continue moving is extra ordinary. These are the game changers that raise the level of game with their hard work and better working style.

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