Making money through Hostgator Affiliate Program

Its easy to talk about what you like! Have been using their Webhosting Platform to run my several websites.

HostGator India offers reliable web hosting services at competitive prices. What it means is that once you have bought the domain name (Website name), you will need a Web Hosting Service from where your website will run.

Why I like Hostgator:

  1. Budget friendly and Scalable Webhosting Plans  – They offer a wide variety of plans to choose from for the Webhosting requirements. Their Baby plan is one of the most popular plans.
  2. Great technical support and Live Chat Options – Their technical team is very user friendly, supportive and provides support in a very timely manner. Live chat support saves a lot of time doing to and fro during the issues.
  3. Simple and fully functional Cpanel User Interface – Can park domains, Create Email Accounts as per need.
  4. One Click Installs – Many tools like WordPress, Abantecart, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla etc.



New Bloggers and Users can get online in the least possible time with least amount of hassles in setting up the website.

Now with all the above experiences, it becomes very easy to promote a product that is reliable and does what it is supposed to do!

HostGator India Affiliate Program offers a straightforward affiliate program that is rewarding as well as satisfying.



Products and Services Offered

Below is the wide list of Hosting and Domain Services offered by Hostgator:


Getting started with Hostgator India Affiliate Program:

To get started with this, Sign up for their affiliate program. Signing up with Hostgator’s affiliate program is easy, and anyone can join any time. Simply go to the Hostgator site and click on “affiliate”, and sign up for a free affiliate account. On signing up, affiliate account is activated instantly.

Once you are signed up with their affiliate program, login to their panel and on the Home Screen it will show your Hostgator affiliate link along with your Affiliate Account Linking Code embedded within the URL. You can use this link to promote via Blog Post or Send it via Email list you have created and tell people about this web-hosting. These are great to use with Email Marketing!

When someone visits HostGator’s website through the ads that you have placed on your website, it pays you for your referral. As an affiliate, your job is to promote HostGator services through your website.

Hostgator provides banners of various sizes and textual links that you can display on your website.

Affiliate Program Details :hostgatorPaymentPlan

Commission Type:  Pay-Per-Sale 1,250.00 INR for each sale you deliver.

Payout Requirements:  INR 1,125.00 – Minimum balance required for payout.

Payout Duration: Payments are made once per month, after the end of the holding period.

HostGator pays you for new customers only. You get no commission if your referral had been an existing customer in the past. You don’t receive a commission if your referral is you, a family member or someone within your organization.Your referral must be active which means he or she builds a website pointed to a HostGator account and publishes some content on it.

Cookies are stored on a last-click basis which means if someone uses your link for signing up, your cookie replaces any existing affiliate cookie on his or her computer. A cookie stored by HostGator India on your referral’s computer expires in 60 days.

Payments are not delayed and you get free access to a range of real-time statistics and reporting tools.


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