Making Money through Amazon Affiliate Program is an online marketplace selling wide range of products including electronic goods, books, mobile phones, Kindle devices and movies through its website. affiliate program provides a great chance to Indian Bloggers and Publishers to monetize on their website traffic and get paid a decent commission on referring every sale to their website.

What is the Amazon Associates program

You can join this program for Free! To get started, head over to Amazon India Associates page and sign in using your amazon India account. If you don’t currently have an Amazon India account, you can quickly create one for free.

Signing up is a a very simple process as below:
• Create an account on Amazon India Affiliate program website.
• Account information including payment details (bank details).
• Your Website details.
• Your PAN card number.

On joining, read through the Associates Program Operating Agreement for a better understanding of the program and to avoid any violations on it.

Features and Options available for Affiliates::

There is a flexibility to choose from a whole lot of options which suits your website/web page/post the best. The whole idea is to setup the advertisement in such a way that helps the user to buy the product from your website as a value add from your website/post.

1. Building from Widgets:


2. New Site Strip Feature:

You can also use the new Site Stripe feature allows you to build your Associates link right from the Amazon page itself. While browsing the site as a customer yourself, you can easily build links with this short cut. You can create direct link for which ever product you want to promote on Facebook or Twitter very easily. This link would have your Tracking Id added to the link for tracking sales happening through your ID.


3. Link to Favorite Destinations:

You can specifically promote desired Category of products that you want. You can also give options to your viewers in the form of Best Sellers in the specific category. Simply, select a Product Line, select a Subcategory and Name the Link. This will give HTML code to be added as a widget or within the post/page that you publish.


4. Link to Search Results: 

You can create links to a search-results pages. This is a great way to direct visitors to a long list of products related to your Web site’s topic.


5. Link to Any Page:

This is a beautiful feature where you can directly search for any product that you want to promote in the URL box below. It will generate HTML code embedded with your Ttracking ID which you can use at Hyperlink within your post/web page or can directly share.


This Product Link tool lets you build customized Text Links, Text and Image links, and Image only links to Amazon products.

  • Your links will include your Associate tag and you will be paid for qualifying sales coming through this link.
  • Use Product Previews to enhance your Product Links.

Apart from getting link for an individual product, you can also get different widgets and embed it on the sidebar of your blog.

6. Banners:

Link to Amazon categories or promotions using our stylish graphical Banners. The same banner ad shows different creative for each visit to your site. Amazon’s algorithm does this to figure out the best ad to show to your visitor and to maximize your earning potential. No action is required on your part once the code is implemented on your website.

Few other important points to consider about this program:

  • Minimum threshold for payout is Rs. 2500/-.
  • Payments are done in every 2 month cycle. For example, Payment for January is made in late March.
  • No payment done for returned goods. In case if a good sold via your affiliate link is returned after the payment, you might see negative balance in your account.
  • If you buy products using your affiliate link, you will not be paid. They have a very good algorithm to take care of this.

This is one of the best Indian affiliate program for Indian Bloggers with lot many available options for targeting the right kind of desired audience.

Also for those bloggers who write about movies, books on their blog, it’s a good chance to make passive income from their blog.

The best thing about affiliate program is that even if a buyer follows your affiliate link to land on Amazon India website and purchase any other product on the site, you will get a commission out of it.

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