All the best tips to do 5 things Daily Morning


3. Starting Day with Right FoodBreakfast

There are few people, who have to start the day with their Medicines as directed by their Doctors/Physicians. If you are not amongst them then Thank the Almighty for the best of the Health.

There have been number of articles and theories written about starting the day with Water, but with my own experience it truly feels exhilarating to have a clean system at the start of the day to make the most of the Day!

You may not want to start your day your day with something acidic like tea or coffee with sugar and milk. Alternatively drink lime juice and water and Follow it up with white tea or quality green tea.

TIPS to make it easy:
– Drink a glass of water to start with.
– Having Fruits or healthy breakfast also helps to get the body energize.

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