Success Vs Excuses…

Today, I had a perspective about two kinds of people. One who get what they want in their life and other who keep on saying that they are not getting what they want.

Not very sure of why such inequality and differences, I delved deeper into both examples of people.

Marc, was a very ideal employee that any company would want to have. He used to do his job exceptionally well. All the customers were very happy with the issues that he used to resolve. His Boss was very confident of his ability to resolve issues coming at hand. He used to dedicated all his time and focus in doing the job at hand and keeping everybody happy.

Robin, on the other hand used to continue to work in office as per his role but continued to explore opportunities to rise up, take up new assignments, explore additional learning and earning opportunities, expanding his learning’s and applying them on the ground.

Both of them were very good friends, used to learn a lot from each other and wanted to get ahead of pack faster than anybody else.

Robin was very excited about a new Business Opportunity that his friend had just showed him. With this excitement, he approached his very dear friend Marc to discuss on the opportunity at hand. He showed the entire Business plan and even discussed on the Best and Worst possible scenarios of the business. They could continue working and expanding their Business while keeping their current jobs.

This definitely sounded exciting to Marc too, but he had his share of reasons of not going ahead on that path.

Robin, on the other hand had a conviction that if he continued to work as per the Plan he would definitely see good reasons.

Over a period of time Robin started seeing Good Results of his Hard Work with the Right Opportunity that he had on his hand. He felt his joy would have been greater if his best friend would have been with him on this Journey.

We have surely heard / experienced such kind of examples, stories in our real life too.

Many a times we have our own reasons of not going ahead on the Opportunity Path that is presented to us. The reasons could be any – Too hard to start, Too Busy, No Money, No Skills, No Knowledge, No Support, No Mentor, Too much completion etc…

Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t.

There is no definite quality to success. But surely, you have to have your definition of Success. You have to try enough number of things to see what is best for you to achieve your own goals. You have to persist in the face of adversity to triumph as a Winner on your Goal Post.

Putting it simply – Anything that does not help you achieve your goals is simply an Excuse. Yes, the goals may change based on your evolving needs but it simply is by no means an excuse to settle for less. Achieving your desired objectives is definitely a Success.

Success is something we make out of our own choices/decisions. When we succeed we get a long term happiness. When we give excuses to ourselves or others we are simply trying to avoid short term pain (uncomfort). That definitely will not help you achieve you goals of life given the current situation only 2 outcomes can be expected – Regret or Compromise.

Regretting that if you had taken that first step, life could have changed for better OR Compromising in life because you didn’t take Bold Step and hence you got to live life as it comes (without any of your own choices)!.

So with the Right Tools in hand, connect with Right People and follow a Right Structured Method and carve out your own Success!

I wish you the Very Best in all your Endeavor’s you take and Suggest you to try opportunities with as fair possible means as you can.

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  1. Nikesh H Panchamiya says

    Nice and true

  2. Shreya says

    Very true ,we should always take a bold step to achieve success.

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