Making Money using Bitcoins

What is Bitcoins (BTC)?

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is Digital Currency which is Universally accepted.
  • BTC are mined (produced) using the concept of mining.
  • More information for better understanding visit the websites – Wikipedia, Coindesk,
  • Understanding it simply::
    • English = Global Language
    • Dollar = Global Currency
    • Bitcoin = Global Digital Currency

What is the Value Proposition:


Advantages of Bitcoin Investment

  • Digital
  • Portable – Transfer BTC to anybody with Ease.
  • Worldwide accepted : This currency is accepted in 210 countries around the world.
  • Futuristic : Can be passed on to future generations. The bitcoins started from the year of   2009 and the mining (production of bitcoins) will continue till the year 2140.
  • Start of a new wave : With the current pickup of Digital Wallets concept, this is the right time to be a part of this wave.
  • Secured using Block Chain Technology


Suitable for People who want to:

  • Diversify their investment portfolio.
  • Want to benefit from Digital Currencies Revolution.
  • Want to make more returns as compared to traditional investment instruments (FD, RD, Stocks, Mutual Funds, ULIPs)


Other References:

Final Thoughts

Going by the historical information and current trend, Bitcoins seems to stay here. It is one of the scarcity based product and first mover will definitely have an advantage.

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